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Social Justice Action at Orange County Church

This article on New Hope’s social justice initiative’s originally aired on NBC and appeared on NBC’s website. Rev. Chineta Goodjoin turns her ministry into a social justice action network. By Angie Crouch   Reverend Chineta Goodjoin is a new kind of pastor — and she’s shaking up Orange County by turning her ministry at New Hope Presbyterian Church into a social action network. Reverend Goodjoin and her family experienced racism when she started the church back in 2007 in the city of Orange, where African Americans make up just 2 percent of the population. “The police were often called on my husband. He would come to the church at night to get music together for choir practice,” she said. This only made Reverend Goodjoin more determined to make her church a success. Before long, she’d built her congregation from just 25 to 100. Her multicultural team spread out into the community to speak out against injustice and lend a hand to those in need. “Insuring the needs of the poor, the hurting, the widows and those who have been victimized — I don’t see how this church can do anything but that,” she said. Reverend Goodjoin said her passion for helping was inspired by her own experience as a victim of rape when she was in college. “We must use our brokenness as a springboard for purpose, for growth,...

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In wake of Tustin shooting, church forum on gun violence addresses race, regulation

Check out this article about our Town Hall on Gun Violence. Jeanette Singletary sat quietly in the pew, holding a white, beaded bracelet, running her fingernail through each shiny sphere as if she were chanting the Rosary. But Singletary is not a churchgoer. It has been barely three weeks since Fahness Lutalo, the 44-year-old MMA instructor Singletary had been dating on and off for two years, died – shot multiple times by an acquaintance in his Tustin gym. “I’m in shock,” said Singletary. “I can’t believe he’s gone. I still look at my phone to see if he’s texted...

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Silence about gun violence is no longer an option for New Hope pastor in Orange

For Lent this year, the Rev. Chineta Goodjoin says she’s decided to give up her silence. The pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church, an African American congregation of about 100 in Orange, Goodjoin, 48, says she’s going to start speaking up – in a bolder, clearer voice – for victims of domestic violence, racial injustice, economic inequality and particularly, for victims of gun violence. “We need to have a real conversation about gun violence, an issue that impacts us all,” she said. “We must become more actively involved in this issue so our churches, our schools and our communities...

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