Chineta Goodjoin

Organizing Pastor, New Hope Presbyterian Church 

Our founding pastor, Rev. Chineta Goodjoin, teaches the Good News of Jesus Christ with deep insight and infectious humor, often using stories from her own life to touch our hearts and draw us closer to Christ. Her messages celebrate the joy of knowing God, and challenge us to seek our higher calling.

Reggie Goodjoin

Music Director. 

Betty Simen

Business Manager

Baxter Talbert

Sound Engineer

Mark Henley


Richard Norwood

Office Volunteer

Charity Taylor

Media Technician

Steering Committee

  • Pastor Chineta Goodjoin
  • Reggie Goodjoin
  • Don Oliver
  • Marionette Oliver
  • John Barnard
  • Becky Barnard
  • Chris Mears
  • Richard Norwood
  • Joyce Norwood
  • Angela Peterson
  • Tami Kaiola
  • Antoinette Bush
  • Lauren Glenn