For Lent this year, the Rev. Chineta Goodjoin says she’s decided to give up her silence.

The pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church, an African American congregation of about 100 in Orange, Goodjoin, 48, says she’s going to start speaking up – in a bolder, clearer voice – for victims of domestic violence, racial injustice, economic inequality and particularly, for victims of gun violence.

“We need to have a real conversation about gun violence, an issue that impacts us all,” she said. “We must become more actively involved in this issue so our churches, our schools and our communities are safe.”

Goodjoin has formed a social justice committee in her church whose mission is to talk about ways to have this conversation with a largely conservative community, whose members may not feel comfortable, or even have a desire, to talk about this issue.

But, for Goodjoin, not talking about gun violence is not an option.

–   Deepa Bharath – Staff Writer

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Silence about gun violence is no longer an option for New Hope pastor in Orange